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Turf Laying

Turf Laying - First Steps

Laying your turf correctly is hugely important to prolonging its life and maintaining a superior appearance. One of the most essential factors to turf laying is the proper and efficient preparation of the soil to ensure your new turf can establish itself quickly and easily. After the existing turf has been stripped it is always recommendable to turn the soil. By doing this you can remove any debris and stones and methodically fertilise the soil. This will give your new turf a good, healthy start. It is also advisable to rake the surface, ensuring a good, even foundation for the new turf to be laid on.

Starting your turf laying

Our team are always on hand to discuss your requirements and calculate the exact amount of turf for the area you need to cover, without the need to stretch your turf and risk damaging it. You should always lay a wide strip around the edge first to create a border. This should always be done with the healthiest turf ensuring it will not wither or dry out. Then place your first row across the longest straight line and work out to the sides, staggering the joints to ensure a robust well supported lawn or garden.

How to care for your turf

It's essential to avoid walking on the new turf as you lay it, to give it time to establish itself. Place pathway planks across to spread your weight as you lay the turf rolls. Lay your turf within 24 hours of receiving it for the best outcome, and give it a thorough soaking. Ensure the water has penetrated the turf to the soil below. Repeat this watering 2 or 3 times a day at first and don't mow it until it is fully established. All our turf is well fertilised before we deliver it to you so there should be no need to feed it for at least 2 months.

Getting turf laying advice

Our expert team will offer any advice you need. We provide specialist guidelines to follow making it as easy as possible for you to lay your turf successfully. However if you'd prefer, or are struggling with your turf, we will happily provide a dedicated turf laying service so there is need to worry! Our team are fully trained and have extensive experience at laying all our turfs perfectly. You can be confident of a professional and high quality finish when you hire us to lay your turf.

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